california line

by st salvia

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recorded may - june 2013 in california.


released June 6, 2013



all rights reserved


st salvia London, UK

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Track Name: unbolting locks
unbolting locks
covering all the ropes
i am towering down
my knees are in the sand

feeling outside
walk along the wooden square
Track Name: hold on to your mind
hold, hold
hold on to your mind

laying on the floor
sucking up the carpet

swallow, swallow
i am swallowing pills

laying on the floor
sucking up the carpet
Track Name: taking what i can
brown dust
foggy coastal plains
i am taking what i can
and i am flying

i am strewn out on the floor
and i can't feel you anymore

all the people i used to know
they just treat me mean

but i've been dreaming about you
ever since i've been back home
Track Name: CA line
i am waiting for the day
when i can drive down that california line
i know it's coming soon but i ain't got much patience

i am waiting for the kisses and to call my woman mrs
i just need to learn how to talk
when everything is over and i am feeling kind of sober
i am not looking over my shoulder
Track Name: highway ghosts // oxford bells
all the tired leaves
in the morning
the sun catches
drive down to the beach

and the window's wide
in the countryside
the sun catches
Track Name: post code rejoinder
take some tea
and take it from me
you're the only one
i'll ever need
to be beside
i'll keep you warm through the night
i'll keep you warm through the night

we'll see the bloomsburys
we'll see a whitechapel

we'll see a river
and a park
write poems in the dark
Track Name: glowing glory
your green eyes
red lips
you're white skin
brown hair

glowing glory
glowing glory

i miss you now
but not forever
i am with you now
ever and all

glowing glory
glowing glory
Track Name: come softly now
come sweetly now
come softly now
come not weeping
i ache for you
so terribly
come sweetly now
come softly
Track Name: two faces
i am at the show
in the corner with the backstage hands
and i am looking for your name
somewhere in my brain
but we're dancing anyway

we've only got two faces
and that means we can only do so much
we're at two different places
but i can still imagine your soft touch
and baby, that's enough
baby, that's enough